About Taliri

Tanzania Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI) is a body corporate, established by Act No. 4 of 2012 that was published in the Government Gazette of 27 July 2012. This Act provides for functions and powers of the Institute in relation to the conduct of livestock research. Since its establishment, the Institute has been re-organizing itself through strengthening administrative and governance infrastructure despite carrying its core functions as stipulated in the Act. TALIRI has, so far, developed its Strategic Plan of 2013/2014 to 2017/2018, TALIRI Organization Structure and TALIRI Scheme of Service.

The Institute has seven research centres that are strategically located in seven agro-ecological zones of Tanzania Mainland. The centres are (in regions in bracket) TALIRI Mpwapwa and Kongwa (Dodoma), TALIRI Mabuki (Mwanza), TALIRI Naliendele (Mtwara), TALIRI Tanga, TALIRI Uyole (Mbeya) and TALIRI West Kilimanjaro (Kilimanjaro).