Director General Note


Tanzania Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI) is a semi-autonomous Institution established under the Parliamentary Act no. 4 of 2012. According to the functions and implementation of the newly inaugurated Research Agenda by Hon. Luhaga Joelson Mpina (MP), Minister for Livestock and Fisheries, TALIRI is required to collate all livestock research findings from different research institutions for review and promotions in line with development and maintenance of National Livestock Research Database (NLRD). Therefore, in the efforts to fulfil the same, TALIRI conducted an inventory of Livestock Research activities that were done by selected seventeen (17) public and private institutions grouped under four categories as Universities, Research Institutions, Ministerial Departments and Agencies and Development Partners including Non-Governmental Organizations and Community Based Organizations (NGOs/CBOs). We have apparently managed retrieved a total of 433 Livestock Research activities/documentations that were conducted from 2015-2020. It is our hope that we will continue to update the lists as we retrieve them accordingly. Each Livestock research activities retrieved is associated with research category. The detailed information from each research activity is available at This Database is freely accessible to all stakeholders at any time. Suffice to say that, TALIRI will continue to identify and document all Livestock Research conducted by different researchers from different research institutions in the Country for easy access, repackage and dissemination to the intended stakeholders. Special appreciations to all Institutions who gave us and permission to access their repositories. We want to assure our full support and that we shall continue working with you in this endeavor.