Research Information:

Effects of season and location on cattle milk produced and producer milk prices in selected villages of Tanga and Morogoro Regions, Tanzania

Policy Reforms

Assessing the influence of location and season on cattle milk production and producer prices in Morogoro and Tanga regions.

From: Tanzania Livestock Research Institute(TALIRI) (TALIRI) | 2015 | Research Done By: Fred j. Wassena, PhD

Funding Source: IFAD

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Research Recommendation:
More research on (i) how to stabilize milk prices in a situation that will favour all actors along the milk supply chain, particularly producers, and (ii) how to ensure stable flows along rural-to-rural and rural-to-urban marketing channels. Introduce drought-tolerant forages that will reduce feed shortage and, consequently, help to support more uniform milk supply throughout the year, Regular training on how to enhance milk production and sharpen marketing skills.