Research Information:

Towards Harmonization of Dairy related Policies in Eastern Africa: A case of import and export procedures of compounded animal feeds and forages in T

Policy Reforms

Conduct situational analysis of the policy, legal and institutional frameworks of the current national procedures required for the importation and exportation of compounded animal feeds and forages into/outside Tanzania

From: Tanzania Livestock Research Institute(TALIRI) (TALIRI) | 2016 | Research Done By: Bwire J.M, PhD

Funding Source: EAAPP

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Research Recommendation:
Policy options Policies related to Import and Export of compounded Animal Feeds and Forages should be clear enough to allow stakeholders to comply with the requirements for them to exist in animal feeds and forages business. Legal Framework Enforcement of existing national laws on animal feeds and forages standards, good manufacturing practices, premises and storage facilities of compounded animal feeds and forages should be strengthened. Institutional Framework Long procedures and number of government and private institutions which are sometimes different and far away located should be reduced to minimal or have one stop- check centre.